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Your Careless Spark recording 2nd album


In January 2018, we’ve started recording our eponymous LP. We built our own studio into our own rehearsal space – our fifth since 2009, the first we have completely for ourselves without other bands in or next to our space – to produce and record this album in the DIY vein we love to do. We’re currently planning to record about 15 songs and then narrow it down to 10 or 12. The recording will be finished in March and we have eyed June 2018 for a release show in a special location. Stay tuned for all of this. There’s a lot of social media posts, so follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news and pics.

2017 News Roundup


Hey there. Ahm… So 2017 was a pretty eventful and busy year and amongst all the other social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc., I kind of tossed this site to the side, not necessarily consciously, but it happened. So now I’ll play catch-up with all the stuff that was going down in 2017.

Album of songs for children (December 2016 and forward)
First, at the end of 2016, an album of children’s songs that I had written for a special project was released to a limited audience, this album might get a full commercial release, too, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s called „Bruni Hildiz: Glücks-Sternchen-Stark“ and was made as a special gift for kids from low-income families in Nuremberg. It was a great project and I came up with some fun and different songs for kids, including some crazy hiphop antics as well. As soon as I can post some snippets, I will.

Change in lineup of Your Careless Spark (August 2017)
Bass player and photographer extraordinaire Uwe Mühlhäußer left the band in May for personal reasons. We wish him all the best and remain close friends. After some back and forth, in August we welcomed The Robocop Kraus‘ bassist (and drummer of other projects) Tobias Helmlinger in our midst. You can see him on the left up there in the photo.

New distributing/label and publishing contract for Your Careless Spark (October 2017)
New York City music manager Tom Sarig (Lou Reed, Violent Femmes) added our band to his label Antifragile and his publishing company ECGNYC after having discovered us on Spotify. It really does happen, I know, it’s weird. As part of this deal, we released our cover version of Marvin Gaye’s classic „What’s Going On“ in November, with Antifragile and Tom Sarig promoting it to the TV and movie and advertising industries as well. There’s more to come on that front later this year, and also very soon.

Wrongkong split up after more than 10 years (December 2017)
After a number of disappointing experiences in the music business and on tour, Wrongkong decided to end their 10 plus year running carreer at the end of 2017 amicably. We played two sold out shows at Nuremberg’s Club Stereo and went out with a bang.

That’s it for now. All the 2018 news will return in seperate, hopefully timely posts. Enjoy 2018, everyone. I am sure I will to the best of my abilities.

Two Thumbs Up „Mr. Brightside“

A new addidtion to the „bands“ rider, even though the band has been around for some 16 years, is Two Thumbs Up, an acoustic trio featuring heavy vocal harmonies by the three of us. Here’s a quite recent live rendition of The Killers‘ „Mr. Brightside“, complete with a few mistakes.

Your Careless Spark „Traal“ (live)

Your Careless Spark have released the first of a few live videos shot at their New Year’s concert at Nürnberg’s Club Stereo. This is a new song called „Traal“. The video was shot by Andreas Friedrich (who also mixed the recording) & Alexander Bardosch and the lights were done by Stephan „Speedy“ Scheiderer.

ERNST „Panama“

ERNST is back with a scathing satirical take on the „refugee crisis“ and the rest of the world’s current madness. The title is a reference to a popular children’s book by dutch author and comic book artist Janosch.

Your Careless Spark „Remains“

Here’s a recording of our semi-acoustic gig at Der Schallplattenmann for Record Store Week this past November. „Remains“ is a new song that has yet to be recorded in studio.

Your Careless Spark „Little Sister“

Your Careless Spark performed an acoustic trio set at a Sofar Sounds show in Nürnberg in June. Here’s the video to the previously unreleased song „Little Sister“.

DJing is now happening, too …

As if I wasn’t doing enough music stuff these days, I have also started to DJ, in bars and at weddings, and now, together with Jens Riedel, I will have my first club DJ gig at Nürnberg’s Club Stereo on saturday. My regular DJ gig at Mono Bar is called „Die kleine Popwahrheit“ and happens approximately once a month.

Your Careless Spark „By My Side“

Here is the new music video for Your Careless Spark’s „By My Side“ off our EP „Ashes“, comprised of 8mm footage taken between 1963 and 1982 by my family.

Wrongkong: New EP and video

Wrongkong have released their latest EP „Alive“ on March 25th 2016, accompanied by a music video for the single „Feel“. You can buy the EP everywhere online, it is only released digitally. The EP consists of five tracks: Alive, Feel, Breaking Halo, Body Wave & Snapshot. Here’s the video, directed by Tobi Kaiser.