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Monat: Januar, 2012

Wrongkong is going on tour

After releasing the album „So Electric“ on January 13th, Wrongkong will be going on tour all the way through Germany in March. Here are the first dates:

18.2. offenbach / 8 jahre hafen 2
10.3. stuttgart / keller klub
11.3. regensburg / heimat
14.3. berlin / comet
15.3. hamburg / prinzenbar
20.3. koeln / blue shell
22.3. bamberg / morph club
23.3. bayreuth / glashaus
30.3. muenchen / backstage (halle)
31.3. munderkingen / „musiknacht“


Working on short film „Im leeren Raum“

I’m currently working on „Im leeren Raum“, a short film (20 mins) by writer/director Marco Kreuzer. This film will feature a collaboration between Numen and the very talented Maya Nadir. I already worked with Marco Kreuzer on his first short „Vier Jahreszeiten: Frühling“ (2005) and his theatre production of Jon Fosse’s „Winter“ (2006).

This is what he says about the film:
„Im leeren Raum“ is a variation on the phenomenon of young adults‘ individual isolation in today’s every day life, and the exemplifying story of a failed attemt at love, that makes the charakters‘ indentity fiasco even more insurmountable.

This film underlines a void in the lives of many young people of today: The definition of one’s own identity and the sometimes nonsensical methods of trying to find an answer.

And here’s a trailer: