Working on short film „Im leeren Raum“

von scoresandsongs

I’m currently working on „Im leeren Raum“, a short film (20 mins) by writer/director Marco Kreuzer. This film will feature a collaboration between Numen and the very talented Maya Nadir. I already worked with Marco Kreuzer on his first short „Vier Jahreszeiten: Frühling“ (2005) and his theatre production of Jon Fosse’s „Winter“ (2006).

This is what he says about the film:
„Im leeren Raum“ is a variation on the phenomenon of young adults‘ individual isolation in today’s every day life, and the exemplifying story of a failed attemt at love, that makes the charakters‘ indentity fiasco even more insurmountable.

This film underlines a void in the lives of many young people of today: The definition of one’s own identity and the sometimes nonsensical methods of trying to find an answer.

And here’s a trailer: