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Monat: Februar, 2012

Wrongkong’s „My Dearest Enemy“ is love at first listen at Musikexpress‘ Pop Column.


To look forward to in 2012.

Hello everyone. There’s quite a bit happening these days and so there’s a lot more to come in this fresh young (last?) new year 2012. Here’s a couple of things to look forward to on my behalf. And, there’s a new category up there in the menu called – for brevity reasons – REC. It contains a highly abbreviated list of records I was involved with and a couple of soundbites from bands and artists I recorded and/or produced, not including my own bands. Enjoy. But first, these prospects for 2012:

1. Numen will release their first official longplayer „Trojan Horse“ this spring. It will contain eleven songs, some beautiful artwork by a young aspiring visual artist and some subtle guest appearances.

2. Wrongkong will be going on tour, beginning February 18th, and will be releasing another single off the album „So Electric“, called „Dear Euphoria“. Our homecoming gig at the end of the tour will be on April 4th at Nürnberg’s K4 Festsaal.

3. ERNST will be performing at this year’s „Blaue Nacht“, an all city center cultural event involving – amongst many other things – blue lights. The five of us, who have recently found „Mega Non-Electro“ to be the best description of our music, will play at Club Stereo from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

4. „Im leeren Raum“, Marco Kreuzer’s latest short film, will premiere sometime in the next few weeks.

5. I will be working as a band coach for a Munich school’s choir and band workshop in late February. Who knows, the kids might even pull of Queen’s „Bohemian Rhapsody“.

6. The world will not end. Again.

Cheers, everybody!

Satirical text „Offener Brief an die Evolution“ for free download.

My alter ego ERNST, usually a musical project, has written a satirical text about the outdatedness of the human body and directions for evolution to go next in the face of today’s „culture“ of growth, progress and efficiency optimization. Here it is for your downloading pleasure: evolution.pdf

Score work on „Im leeren Raum“ finished.

I’ve finished my work for Marco Kreuzer’s latest short film „Im leeren Raum“. The sparse musical cues include a collaboration between singer/songwriter/producer Maya Nadir, Numen’s guitarist Uwe Schlagenhaft and myself called „Of A Room“. The film is now also finished and will premiere soon. Here’s the director’s website:

Numen’s album recordings wrapped.

All additional recordings for Numen’s first official full length album Trojan Horse have been finished by the end of January. Principal recordings took place in August 2011 at the Hazelnut Loft in Forchheim. Vocals and overdubs and special guest appearances have been done from October until January. Thank you so much to our supporters in the recording process: Olli Lotz, Gunther Siegel, Matze Trykowski, Sebastian Wild, Tobias Seitz, Joe Brugger and Musikzentrale Nürnberg!