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Monat: Juni, 2012

Numen back on stage.


Numen have played their first semi-acoustic set as a five piece band, introducing Christina Jung on vocals and percussion. Here’s a first video from that session, the brand new song Basilisk Eyes, performed just by Uwe and myself. Enjoy. There is a charming online review of that show that you can read here:

On July 17th, the five of us will be playing a similar set at Ludwigs, a charming bar that serves a wonderful variety of drinks. And on October 27th, we’ll be part of the second installment of Nürnberg’s new festival Nürnberg.Pop. Here’s their Facebook page, the website will be all new soon, too.

Basilisk Eyes – Numen from Andreas Friedrich on Vimeo.


Film screening, a quite special Numen concert and more …

Hello everyone.

Wrongkong just premiered two brand new songs at the Musikexpress Club party at Schon Schön in Mainz to really great audience response. I guess the „all killer no filler“ stereotypical phrase might become appropriate for the next album! It’s really good stuff!

Numen’s record Trojan Horse is in the hot mixing phase. Frank Zeidler is doing a marvellous job so far. The record not being out for another few months, the band is currently rehearsing a semi-acoustic set, which will debut on June 18th at Club Stereo’s live concert season finale. Be prepared for a couple of surprises and also a couple of songs never performed live before. The band will play before icelandic folks Agent Fresco, who will also perform a semi-acoustic set. Here’s the facebook event for that really special night:

Marco Kreuzer’s film „Im leeren Raum“ featuring some music by Fred Newman (and a collaboration with Maya Nadir on the end credits) will be screened in Munich on June 23 during a short film matinee at Atelier Kino.  Here’s the facebook event with more information:

And there’s a good chance this month will also see the new HD version of Numen’s video for the song „Requiem For A Lie“. Stay tuned, stoners!