Trojan Horse … it’s finished!

von scoresandsongs

After exactly a year of work, Numen’s first album is finished. We started working on it in August 2011, recording the basic tracks for the songs, followed by a long vocal recording period, including some overdub recordings including some wonderful female vocals by Christina Jung. Then we gave one song to five people to pre-mix to find out who instinctively understood our music best and felt what we felt. So at the end, Frank Mollena was given the task to mix our album. Young artist Jemima Bickel drew some beautiful artwork for the sleeve design and in the end, our own Chris Hielscher took care of the mastering.

Here are the basic facts about „Trojan Horse“:

The ten songs were written by Fred Newman except „Tension & Release“ written by Uwe Schlagenhaft & Fred Newman. The album was arranged, produced and recorded by Numen, mixed by Frank Mollena and engineered and mastered by Christian Hielscher. Jemima Bickel did the artwork and Uwe Schlagenhaft took care of the layout. All instruments and voices were performed by Fred Newman, Uwe Schlagenhaft, Uwe Dan Mühlhäußer and Christian Hielscher, with some additional performances by Christina Jung (vocals), Frederika Krier (violin) and Florian Hellecken (vibraphone). Recording took place at Hazelnuts Loft, Forchheim, except for a few additional recordings done at MUZ Studio, Nürnberg.

Here’s the playlist: Featherweight – Trojan Horse – Loose Minds – Majesty – Proximity – Debris – Tension And Release – Under Water – Red Moon – Requiem For A Lie.

Numen will perform their first full band set in a year on September 28th at Endzeit Festival at Nürnberg’s K4 Festsaal, where we will quite likely perform all songs from the album and a few more. And four days before that, on Monday the 24th we’ll take out our semi-acoustic dresses to play a night at Morph Club, Bamberg, with the fantastic duo Rue Royale.