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Monat: März, 2013

Awesome news from Wrongkong city


The incredible Wrongkong are going to play live on national television in Germany on the day before album release. On April 4th we will perform almost two songs on the „Morgenmagazin“ on ZDF, which is broadcast live between 8 and 9 a.m.

On the day after, we’ll release our third longplayer „Kill The Should And Make A Do“, accompanied by second single „Did You Say Dream On“. And here’s the video to that new single:


Meteorit: a match made in heav … the sky.

A few weeks after ERNST released their doomsday dance hymn „Meteorit“, an actual meteorite came down from the heavens upon a russian morning scene and loads of cameras caught the spectacle. So it was a given to comine these two for a music video. Here it is: