Various live shows this summer!

Here’s a list of shows coming up with different bands:

May 13th: WRONGKONG (Kleiner Donner, Hamburg)
May 14th: WRONGKONG (Privatclub, Berlin)
May 17th: WRONGKONG acoustic (Theatertage, Erlangen)
June 6th: WRONGKONG (Imagine Festival, Basel SUI)
June 7th: YOUR CARELESS SPARK (Sommerkiosk, Nürnberg)
June 8th: PRISMA ALLSTARS (Klaragassenstraßenfest, Nürnberg)
July 18th: CHICOLORES (Bamberg zaubert, Bamberg)
July 18th: PRISMA ALLSTARS (Quelle Sommerkollektion, Nürnberg)
July 24th: YOUR CARELESS SPARK (Quelle Sommerkollektion, Nürnberg)
July 25th: WRONGKONG (St.Katharina Open Air, Nürnberg)
July 28th: CHICOLORES (Annafest, Forchheim)
August 2nd: YOUR CARELESS SPARK (Bardentreffen, Nürnberg)
August 3rd: CHICOLORES (Annafest, Forchheim)
August 8th: TWO THUMBS UP (Forchheim)
August 9th: YOUR CARELESS SPARK (Weinturm Open Air, Bad Windsheim)
August 15th: WRONGKONG (Nonstock Festival, Fischbachtal)
August 24th: CHICOLORES (Sandkerwa, Bamberg)