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Monat: Januar, 2016

Article about US Politics

This is certainly not music in any shape or form, but I do also write (mostly) political and cultural articles on the online platform of the German weekly newspaper DerFreitag. I’ve been a free community author there for three years now, and just to give you a little taste of what I’m doing there, here’s my most recent publication, an article about the rise of Bernie Sanders two weeks before the beginning of the democratic primaries. Enjoy. It’s been shared more than 110 times on facebook, by the way. It’s a popular piece, so it seems.


Cover of David Bowie’s „Jump They Say“

David Bowie has passed away. That beautiful, strange, always changing, always challenging creature was the definitive pop star of our time and he will be missed like a limb. As a tribute, here’s little spontaneous solo recording I did at my home sometime last year of Bowie’s 1993 single „Jump They Say“. Farewell Spaceboy, you’re sleepy now …