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music by fred newman (claus friedrich)

Monat: Januar, 2017

Your Careless Spark „Traal“ (live)

Your Careless Spark have released the first of a few live videos shot at their New Year’s concert at Nürnberg’s Club Stereo. This is a new song called „Traal“. The video was shot by Andreas Friedrich (who also mixed the recording) & Alexander Bardosch and the lights were done by Stephan „Speedy“ Scheiderer.


ERNST „Panama“

ERNST is back with a scathing satirical take on the „refugee crisis“ and the rest of the world’s current madness. The title is a reference to a popular children’s book by dutch author and comic book artist Janosch.

Your Careless Spark „Remains“

Here’s a recording of our semi-acoustic gig at Der Schallplattenmann for Record Store Week this past November. „Remains“ is a new song that has yet to be recorded in studio.