This is the home of Claus Friedrich, songwriter and composer for theatre and film. For reasons known and unknown, he has been using different names also, such as Fred Newman, Frederick or ERNST. It is an obvious symptom of versatility, which is probably his most striking quality. He does it all, from composing haunting theatre and film scores and writing intelligent and catchy pop songs to recording and producing bands and artists and playing various instruments and singing in equally various bands, and he also does sound engineering for concerts as well as conferences. And he’s developed a taste for djing as well. Obviously.

However versatile, the music and sounds coming from these brain cells does share a common core, which is a deeply emotional, predominantly optimistic (if melancholy), though sometimes satirical approach to the world, that does not shy away from the big picture when required and is always going for the shiver down the spine, while avoiding too well trodden paths. Whatever the hell that means, this one is willing and able.

Claus Friedrich
Helenenstraße 46
90419 Nürnberg
+49 175 81 634 81


Content: Claus Friedrich
Photography: Andreas ‚Freejay‘ Friedrich, Uwe Mühlhäußer, Claus Friedrich, Stephan Brandtmayr, Christian Deckelmann, Dani Doege, Cristopher Civitillo