Scores & Songs

music by fred newman (claus friedrich)

Wrongkong „Breaking Halo“

Wrongkong have released a new single accompanied by a lyric video I had a hand in creating. Here it is:


Your Careless Spark „The Crasher“ Music Video

Your Careless Spark have a brand new music video. Shot in one day and edited in post production for a mere two weeks, this is another miracle work by Alexander Bardosch and Andreas Friedrich who made the impossible happen: The video being finished just before the release of our new EP „Ashes“. So here it is, „The Crasher“, maybe our most flat-out rock song yet:

Interview with the music blog „How Deep Is Your Love“

Last week I gave an interview to the music blog „How Deep Is Your Love“, a week before the release of Your Careless Spark’s new EP „Ashes“. Here’s the thing:

Wrongkong „Radiohits for Idiots“ live at Ghost City Sessions

Wrongkong did one of the wonderful Ghost City Sessions at Jan Kerscher’s studio, Ghost City Recordings. We recorded two songs live and this is one of them, an older one from our 2012 album „So Electric“ that we had only played live in concert once. This is our performance of the penultimate song on „So Electric“, „Radiohits for Idiots“:

„Das Käthchen von Heilbronn“ Soundtrack (2008)


It’s been seven years since I started working on my first theatre music outside of Germany. Heinrich von Kleist’s „Das Käthchen von Heilbronn“ was directed by Georg Schmiedleitner at Schauspielhaus Graz (A) and starred the incredibly talented Andrea Wenzl in the leading role. This was perhaps my most satisfying theatre work and I am still very much happy with the results. It’s a quite lovely soundtrack with some spookier or more dramatic moments. I just rediscovered it, exactly seven years after the project started. Take a listen, if you have a little time.

ERNST „Sie kommen und bringen euch fort“

So, my somewhat publicly dormant German alter ego ERNST put together another video from various YouTube sources, this time it’s the incredible amount of UFO footage that is to be found in the world wide realm of the interwebs. The lyrics of this song were inspired by the reveal of massive government surveillance by the NSA through Edward Snowden’s excellent whistleblowing. But „They’re coming to take you away“, this songs refrain, sounded a little like alien abduction, so this was quite fitting. By the way, a lot of these UFO videos are quite compelling. Excellent work of busy video artists. Or is it?!

Your Careless Spark „Dead Boats River“

Your Careless Spark have just released the first audio stream from our forthcoming EP „Ashes“, a song called „Dead Boats River“. It’s available for streaming on YouTube and Soundcloud.

„Your Careless Spark“ album out on iTunes and Amazon


Your Careless Spark’s self-titled debut album came out a year ago. Now, in addition to our own online shop, you can also download the album on most of the usual download platforms, such as iTunes and Amazon. Here are links for you to go:

„Your Careless Spark“ on iTunes
„Your Careless Spark“ on Amazon

Singing and playing with Simon Fuerst on The Police’s „Driven To Tears“


Last fall, I had the great pleasure to play with a bunch of insanely talented musicians, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Simon Fuerst, at Aalener Jazzfest, opening for main act Gregory Porter. These musicians, from left to right, are: Sébastien Angrand (drums), David Klauck (bass), Simon Fuerst (vocals, guitars), myself (keyboard, vocals) and Étienne Prieuret (guitar, vocals). Here is our version of The Police’s „Driven To Tears“, with myself on co-lead vocals. Thanks to Maximilian Fischer for the photo(s) and Marco Kreuzer for the video. There are more to come, or so I’ve been told.

Songs for poor children


A bit under the radar, I composed, performed and produced three songs for a kind of audiobook – recorded and mixed by Your Careless Spark drummer Chris Hielscher – for children from poor family backgrounds in 2014. One of the songs is actually a rap duet between me and ice hockey captain Patrick Reimer (Nürnberg Ice Tigers), written by Your Careless Spark’s Uwe Schlagenhaft. I know. That does sound awesome. So far it’s not possible to post audio snippets from that project, but as soon as it is, I shall do.